Sample of Expressions

1.   Starting the Lesson

The teacher can introduce the class to open the activity and start the  lesson.

To start the lesson

- Are you ready to start?

- Let's get started

To open the lesson

- Before we begin,…

- The previous meeting,

2.   Drawing Students’ Attention

The teacher can control the students’ behavior by means of drawing students’ attention to the lesson.

To give instruction

-    open your book at page …

-    get into groups of four

To draw students’ attention.

-    Pay attention, please

-  Be quiet and pay attention.

3.   Checking Students’ Understanding

The teacher can control classroom condition by means of checking students’ understanding and commands.

To Check Students’ understanding

-    Do you understand?

-    Got it?

To control Classroom

-  Sit down, please!

-  Quiet, please!

4.   Asking to the board

The teacher can give verbal instruction to ask students to answer the question on the board.

To check homework.

- Take out your homework, please!

- Let me check your homework .

To ask to the board.

- Come to the board, please!

- Andi, please answer number 1 on the board .

5.   Giving Homework

The teacher gives appropriate instructions related to recurrent classroom activities about giving homework and giving confirmation.

To assign homework.

- Do task 4 on page 20 for your homework.

- There is no homework today.

To give confirmation

-  Can you finish the homework by Friday?

- Finish the homework in three days .

6.   Giving Command

The teacher can control students’ behavior  by means of commands and request.

To check students’ work

-  Check your work!

-  Show your homework!!

To command/request.

-  Open the window.

-  Close your book .

7.   Concluding the Lesson

The teacher can direct students’ attention to conclude and summarize the lesson.

To stop activities

- It’s time to stop.

- Let’s stop now!

To summarize and conclude.

-  The conclusion is …

- The important points 

8.   Making Questions

The teacher can elicit students to ask question flexibly and give expression to end the class.

To make questions

-  Any questions?

-  Who knows the answer?

To end the class

-   There’s the bell.

-  Check your work, please!

9.   Asking and Giving Opinions

The teacher can ask question and get students to give opinion to specific communication task.

To ask opinions

-   What’s your opinion about…?

-  What do you think about ……… ?

To give opinion

-   My opinion is …..

- I think, it is ………

10.  Checking Homework

The teacher can give verbal instruction to check students’ homework.

To check homework.

- Take out your homework, please!

- Let me check your homework .

11.  Clarifying Students’ Comment

The teacher can produce and also get students to produce the expression to ask for clarification.

To ask for clarification

-   What do you mean by …t?

-  What was that again?

To clarify ideas.

-  You mean …

-  What you mean is …


12. Saying Goodbye

The teacher can use everyday phrases related to recurrent  social situation.

To say goodbye

-  Goodbye everyone.

-  See you again next …

To leave the room

- Get into queue!

- Everybody outside!


Language Functions

The teacher can promote some more common expressions for routines that every student can use those expressions in the classroom

Asking about the date

-     What is the date today?

-     What date is it today?

Asking about the time

-     What time is it?

-     What’s the time?

Asking about the Weather

-     What’s the weather like?

-     Is it cold or hot?




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Unit 3       Checking Students’ Understanding

Unit 4       Asking to the Board

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Unit 7       Concluding the Lesson

Unit 8       Making Questions

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Appendix    Language Functions






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