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How is Teaching English in Indonesia?


Teaching English in Indonesia

Indonesia is the fifth most populous nation on earth and at times is can seem as if all of them are learning English! This is good news for TEFL teachers as jobs abound teaching English in Indonesia. Positions teaching English can range from state to private sector. Most teachers find employment on the country’s main Island of Java, but there are many openings on other islands too.

The requirements to teach English in Indonesia are quite flexible but in all cases, TEFL certification from a recognized TEFL course is required by the government in order to issue a work visa. Some schools require a university degree while others do not. Most schools value a positive attitude and sense of humor.

With the cost of living very low, a TEFL teacher’s salary goes a long way. Although you should be able to live comfortably, do not count on saving.

Indonesia is good place to begin your TEFL years but quite poorly paid in comparison to other Asian countries. Always check what you have been offered against the actual contract. Therefore a good idea to check your contract before signing. In all cases and in all countries, always check web forums and notice boards for information. Look for schools that offer a housing allowance in addition to or instead of providing housing. This will give you more options. Never agree to housing without seeing it first. A return air ticket is required to enter Indonesia. Your school should reimburse 50% of the fare after 3 months and the balance on completion of your contract. Also, check the hours you are contacted to teach and try to achieve a good balance. Don’t sign a contract, which states you may have to work alternate Saturdays if you do no want to work Saturdays.




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