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(English training for Schools, Companies, Government Institutions, and Privates)

Do you have members of your staff whom you think should perform better in communication skills? Is communication in English a problem for them? Do their job duties require them to communicate more fluently in English?

If so, you may want to consider investing in our English training service to quickly bring them up their improved performance in communicating to improve your productivity and profits. It is the most cost effective solution for rapid improvement of English for your important staff.

Unlike some other companies or schools, all our courses are tailored to your specific needs. We carry out spoken and written assessment covering Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. Courses are then individually developed for either the individual staff member or staff group. Test results, attendance records and progress reports submitted to the management are key elements of our service.

Our English lessons are varied and interesting and cover all areas from social Conversational English, Business meeting skills, Interview skills, Effective English business writing, Pronunciation, Intonation and Grammar.

We can provide training at your office and we can arrange suitable timing to suit your staffs' busy schedules and we are flexible to accommodate their business trips or unexpected meetings.

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Invest in your staff now! Contact us right away at 08159781395 or email to us atmail2bejosutrisno@gmail.com . Please mention your company name and the person in-charge when contacting us.



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